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Class 7 Driver Training in Kelowna

Looking To Get Class 7 Driver Training In Lake Country?

Learning the skill of driving has become the need of the hour. Some people want to learn the skill of driving in order to move freely without relying on others and public transportation and some want to learn driving because they want to step into the professional driving industry as instructor or for the purpose to run their business. Keeping in mind and reviewing these different needs of people Honour Roll Driving has come up with multiple different driving courses to accommodate people and it’s clients. Layman driving for everyday moving can be taught by anyone but when someone wants to enter the trucking or transportation business which involves having the knowledge to deal with commercial vehicles walk-in trucks, delivery trucks, rack trucks, medium-duty trucks, cherry-pickers and single axle trucks you need to get proper knowledge and training to drive and deal with such large vehicles.

For such people who are interested in learning how to drive such big vehicles, we have introduced class 7 driver training in Lake Country. In this course, instructor provides training to drive a moped and class 5 and 6 vehicles.

Restrictions and Demerits for Class 7 License

We make sure that whoever is getting enrolled in class 7 driver course knows that they have a few demerits and restrictions and have to abide by a few rules which are mentioned below.

  • Driving is not allowed from midnight to 5 in the morning
  • Your vehicle should have the same number of seatbelts and passengers
  • While driving a class 7 vehicle your blood should be free of alcohol
  • If the driver is not the fully qualified driver is allotted 2 demerit points
  • If the number of passengers exceeds the number of seatbelts the driver gain 2 demerit points
  • If the driver is found driving from midnight to 5 in the morning he will get 2 demerit points.
  • You will be suspended if you collect 8 demerit points
We Make Sure that you Meet the Requirements

It is our duty that before we enroll you in our class 7 driver course we make sure that you are eligible to get a class 7 driver’s license so that you do not waste your time. We do not enroll people in class 7 driver courses if they do not meet the basic requirements. So, we make sure that the following requirements are met before you get enrolled at our driving academy for class 7 driving course such as

  • The person must be at least 18 years old
  • Pass a knowledge test
  • Pass a vision test
  • His / Her driving license should not be expired
  • Should accompany a full class 5 driver license
Noticing the Problem Area

Driving instructor sits with you and note your driving behaviour and patterns and point out where you are making mistakes and help you with areas where you are facing problems.

Taking Practice Test

As driving specialists keep on giving you training they conduct a mock test every week for practice to see how much you have improved and where do you stand and how much more work you need to do to improve your driving skills.

Come and Join our Class 7 Driving Courses in Kelowna
Joining our driving school will be beneficial for you in every possible way as we not only enroll you in courses and teach you the art of driving but also help you every step of the way to carry out the entire process of applying and getting the driver license. We offer different class 7 driving courses in Kelowna to provide customized services to our clients. We provide our students with a handbook which contains details about the course they have opted for, traffic rules and traffic signs, speed limits, safety measures, basic car components and the problems that they can face while driving and their easy solutions, how they will apply for their desired drivers license and what the particular driver license will permit them and so on. You can come and take our driving classes for free for a day or two and join only if you feel that you are satisfied by our services and we are worth joining. If you are thinking of joining a driving school come and join us as we are the best option in town.

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